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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Finally Happy....

This time I am happy with the bedroom.
It was really bugging me....it just wasn't right.
So....... I removed everything, put the bed in a different spot and put back some (not all) of the black
(and yes removed the new blue duvet....sweet husband never said a word..)
The only thing sweet husband had to say was that he thought the medallion in the middle of the big architectural piece above the bed made it look like an eyeball. And I don't think he is to into being looked at while he sleeps... But I like it so I think it needs to stay.
Do you think it looks like an eyeball?

OH.... and the candles above that I thought were so beautiful.
Were not so beautiful when I had to spend an hour scraping wax off the bed and wall.
NOTE to self...Look but don't Light!!!!!

My little jewelry/dressing area

I still have holes to patch from where I moved things.
This can be a rotating display....so maybe I'll stop making my sweet husband hang and rehang things on the wall.....yeah right.

Close up of the pattern on the rug.
It's a lot of color and pattern for me....but I love it so much.

My favorite new candle....Low Country Luxe - Savannah scent

Next project....completely redoing my son's room....and he has a list of requests plus his own ideas of what he wants. Yikes...this should be interesting.

1 comment:

Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

Your bedroom is gorgeous! Every detail is so pretty! Our room is on the list just not going to happen soon.
So funny about the eyeball! I think it looks great! Really.

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