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Monday, December 20, 2010

Angel Wings

I've always wanted to find a pair
of carved wooden angel wings
 let me rephrase that...
i've found carved angel wings
what I haven't found is a pair
 I could actually afford

well one day while blogging 
Kerri came across where some
of you guys are making them out of cardboard
and like a best friend would she immediately
told me the good news...
 here is my labour of love to replicate a pair
of wooden carved angel wings
And I do mean labour of love...
it's taken me quite a while
to cut all of the pieces....
and a few blisters
 (no cuts thank goodness)

The first thing I did was
instruct sweet husband to
dig the really big train table box
out of our neighbors trash one cold morning...
have I ever told you all what a good sport he is.

Second step I drew an angel wing
on one side of the box than flipped
 it over to the other side of the box
and traced a matching wing.
Cut them both out and then
started cutting out the "feathers"
from additional cardboard boxes.

feathers later
(and days...maybe even a  week or two later)
I was finally able to start painting it.

I started with a linen acrylic color mixed with a little water
and used a dry brush technique
I followed that with the same technique
and a white acrylic
Then a little brown mixed with the white
And then back to the straight white
It didn't take very long at all....

The idea was to give it the look of
old distressed wood.
But if that's not your thing...
try gold and brown
or silver and a little black
maybe even a cool blue with silver and white
What ever your style I think
you could make it work.

The Savannah Bird Girl
with her wings on

I'm thinking these might have to
stay up all year long...
 they turned out really well for
a free project!

I'm linking up to

At Between Naps on the Porch


Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

They are AMAZING and free totally rocks!! Enjoy your beautiful wings! :)

Unknown said...

J'adore! These are beautiful! If I copy you, I might add mica snow at the end--I love to use it like glitter--the best part about mica snow is that is almost transparent so whatever color (or lack thereof) still shows through the ethereal sparkle of the mica flakes. Merry Christmas! Oh--I'm now a follower, I hope you'll follow back! ~Mikey @ Shabby French Cottage

Shirley said...

You did an amazing job. I have seen these before and I am thinking now, I might could do it. lol. Thank you for the great directions.

kallen1105 said...

They are absolutely beautiful... you have inspired me... as we speak I'm looking for a long box... What are the dimensions?? I hope mine turns out as good as yours. Again absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing tutorial and your expertise. Merry Christmas!

Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

Very cool!! Your paint job looks awesome too!

Merry Christmas to you and your family!


Bring Pretty Back said...

WOOOWWW!You did a fantastic job! These look great! The colors you chose are so perfect!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Have a pretty day!

Lim said...

WOW!!! This is AMAZING!!! I was looking for a pair of angel wings on the web and your blog came out. I love it!! You did an amazing and stunning job!!! Thank you so much for the inspiration. I will link your blog to mine. The pain looks like wood. Outstanding!
LIM :)

Anonymous said...

Supernice! Thanks a lot for sharing - wishng you a merry christmas!
wiebke from germany

Unknown said...

I just did a google search for angel wings and came across your tutorial. First looking at the image, I thought they were for sure wood. I just purchased some wood wings for my daughters room. I really love what you have done. I'm thinking of doing a post about angel wings and will for sure link over to your blog!

Anonymous said...

These are amazing!!! you should look into selling these as there is not enough WINGS on the net......... what to be your first customer - can you post to Ireland???

Anonymous said...

I also have seen where you can get an spread eagle plaque like our nation's emblem and cut the wings off the poor bird. My father was an eagle collector so we have plaster and wooden eagles both large and small so I am going to try this.

Anonymous said...

What would be awesome would be to have the 'feathers' made from old sheet music! But how could that be done? Hmmm...

Anonymous said...

You wouldn't have a tempklate would you? I'm not as talented as you when it comes to drawing. I would actualy like to m ake a pair for over my bed. Well thank you for sharing

Pamela said...

This is so awesome! Thanx for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I love that idea! I'm going to try these and print some music notes, maybe mod podge will look good.. Worth a try :)

Playing Sublimely said...

Can I please tell you that you are a girl after my own heart. I so like you.

Anonymous said...

This may sound a little strange,but I was just noticing that each shape of the "feathers" reminds me of the shape of potatoes. Since each feather isn't a perfect oval shape,I would think tracing around various sizes of potatoes might serve as a "template". I don't think I could "free hand" draw them either but could easily find varied sizes of potatoes to trace around. Just a thought.

Carolyn said...

Lisa, I love your Pineapple Room. how can I become part of this site?

pogonip said...

I just love the great ideas Pinterest brings my way. I'll be looking for a large box next trash day--these will be awesome during the holidays as well as Feb. 14th!

VJ said...

Thank you sooo much for this instructional- saw a wooden or possibly hollow resin pair last week for $400. i was heartbroken: really wanted them and now i can make my own! you've made my day! (& weekend as im now going to work on this asap!)

rhondalou said...

Your wings are simply amazing!! Would you please let me know the size of each wing? I am guessing each wing is about 2 feet wide by maybe 4 feet long. I am in awe!

Vintage Street Designs said...

Beautifully done! Great tutorial. Found you on Pinterest and I'm happy to be your newest follower. Would love to have you stop by for a visit. Blessings ~ Judy

dianeknottllc.blogspot.com said...

Wow! Clever! Beautiful!

Carole said...

Very cool!

Deneen@dreaming-n-color said...

Love these! Cardboard is a great medium to create with. glad to be a new follower!

Stampin' VMG206 said...

I found your wings today and I'm now following you on BlogLovin. I'm off to grab that cardboard before it get's recycled!
~ Megin of VMG206

pidcock2007 said...

No need to take your angels and/or wings down after Christmas.

In my home, they have a permanent place: in order to remind me and all who enter that God is everywhere.

Your angel wings are beautiful. I wish I had your patience, although I have no doubt that they were and are well worth it.

17-17 said...

Your wings are wonderful! great idea!!

teicia murphy, chasing fairies said...

I love these wings! Your instructions to create are great and inspiring to simply put.... Get started NOW !!!!

Susan van der Zwaag - Sondeyker said...

Thank you so much for sharing. Found you via pinterest, love your great art work <3. You made some beautiful wings, hope you are still enjoying them. Greets from Susan from the Netherlands

CootersLady said...

Glad I found you via Pinterest!!!!! Can wait to make these for our new place!!!

S`andra V. said...

AWESOME!!!! Love what you did. At first glance I thought they were wood pieces. I have to do this. It would be awesome to have my wings for my front door area....without paying the exuberant cost to have them. I commend you for all your hard work and the talent you put into it. Don't forget...This is an awesome Green project. Look at how much would have gone to the land fills. Another Plus to your project. Thanks so much for sharing. Truly appreciate this.

Anonymous said...

So glad I found your blog. I've been wanting to make angel wings for a year!! Than k s for the tutorial.

Unknown said...

Awesome awesome awesome!

Sue T said...

Did you just glue each individual piece on starting from the bottom They are truly awesome!

Javamomma77 said...

This is exactly the idea I was looking for to decorate our teen daughter's bedroom. We have just acquired a new place and so I am wanting to upgrade our kids rooms to add to the fun of owning a new place. So this will come out nicely with our theme, thanks.

Fibrolady said...

I love wings also. Gonna draw me some java

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