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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Christmas Tea and how the glass house came to be...

I'm sure that all this time you guys
were under the impression that the
glass house was all my idea
and sweet husband built it for me
and me only out of the kindness of his heart.

Now while he did do it out of kindness and
I am the one who asked him to build it
that's not exactly how all that went down...

My daughter who was six at the time
really wanted to have a tea party and
invite all her friends.
We told her that was fine...what did she have in mind.
Talk about opening a can of worms...
If you think I have lots of projects and crazy ideas,
nothing compares to the littlest lady in our house.

She can out
me any day

For the tea party she tells me
she would like (as she brings out the cookbooks)
tea sandwiches
a chocolate fountain

all her friends to bring a toy to give to a child who's family can't afford one
(toys for tots)

I swear i'm not making this up

most importantly a candy bar
where her friends can choose there own candy

Now back to the glass house

She likes to look at blogs as much as I do..
so her and I are browsing one day before the party
and we come across the blog

and she is talking about a glass house
she saw in a store.

Well my daughter's eyes light up
and she looks at me and says...
now that is what I need to put
my tea party desserts in.

Great Idea...
now we just need to tell Daddy
He might be able to say no to one of us...
but he never can say no
to both of us begging.

And that is how we came to build the glass house...
all because of a 6 year old and a tea party

The Candy Bar

This week i'm in the midst of getting ready for this
years Christmas Party.

We decided to do a family party and
still collect toys for charity
but the theme is

"Christmas Movies On The Lawn"

everyone keep your fingers crossed for no rain!


Bring Pretty Back said...

What a GREAT story!!!!!!!!!! I wish I could attend the party!
Have a pretty day!

Britta said...

Dear Pineapple Room,
that is a beautiful post with so fine pictures! Your daughter's wish came true - and you have a cute glasshouse - and the joy comes back to the sender!

Arabella said...

What a great post & blog! I was just blog hopping and found you by accident...I'm so glad I did.

Happy Holidays!

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