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Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year..New House..New Table

The last two days have been
so relaxing and fun...
we've been creating and building!

Sweet husband had the
best idea...
he thought it would
be really cool to build my
parents a glass house in
their backyard as a
Christmas gift.

And he was right...it was a
great idea.

First you have to imagine a
very magical place...

a land where little children play
and there is no limit to their

there are trees to climb
mud pies to make
fairies to visit
and talk to

A place where every idea you
have is greeted with a very
positive response and every
question you have is answered with the
sweetest...most honest...loving answer
you could hope for.

OHHH and did I mention
all the food...ice cream and desserts
you could want.

Now you understand the home I
grew up in...well minus all the
ice cream and desserts you could
want...  that seems to be only for the grandkids!

Now you know why we wanted
to give them all a playhouse

It fits perfectly on the side of the house....
 I'm pretty sure it's quickly becoming known
as the children's garden

can't you just see the front porch and flowers
Nana and Papa are going to add....

Mom and I went to the antique show and found lots of
cool things for the new house...

she found the table that's in the left hand corner
the iron piece that's above the doors
and she also found a chandelier that's not
hung yet.
And sweet husband made her the bench out
of her neighbors old headboard.
I promise as soon as we are all done
I will take pictures.


What till you see what I found at the antique show...
i'm so excited about it...
it was on my bucket list of must finds

I was going to wait and show you tomorrow
but I can't wait....

It's a cargo/luggage cart....
isn't it perfect!

Even husband...who REALLY didn't like this one when he went to
pick it up...now has changed his mind and likes it.

And the kids have had a blast using it as a row boat,
nerf gun reloading zone, operating table, dining table...
well you get the idea...

It is my goal to please all the kids in this house!

Happy New Year
 to you all!


Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

Love, love, love your new table! It is soooo cool!!! And I'm jealous of the kids that get to play in that magical beautiful glass house. ;)

Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

What a special thing to do for your parents! It's beautiful! And your new table is very cool!

Bring Pretty Back said...

How wonderful is your husband! WOW!
And that cart is so dang cool!
Have a pretty day!

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

That coffee table/cart/luggage rack is FABULOUS!! I had to laugh at the Nerf gun reloading....one orange foam bullet just wizzed past my keyboard! Oh great, so glad Santa brought those.....

Pretty In Paint said...

I love the coffee table/nerf reloding zone, and i can relate to that more than you know! ;) Im glad i found you! im your new follower.
have a great day,

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