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Sunday, November 28, 2010

The boys are back in town

Christmas trees have been going up
left and right around this house...
so far we have up 
8 decorated trees
 and I have 3 more to go
that's not counting all the
 "just trees"
But the best part is
The boys are back
and ready for the
Christmas Season
Have I ever mentioned how much


I tried to buy one off of ebay last week
but it was 7 foot and in California...local pickup...
or very expensive delivery.
Sweet Husband wasn't so sweet when he
told me my nut must be cracked if
I thought he would drive and get him for me!

Oh Well....maybe next time

This is Harold....
the biggest of all our
(the kids have given them all names)

Sweet husband brought him home for me
as a Christmas surprise one year...

But he was at our Macy's
 not California...

Harold is of course my favorite of them all...
but don't tell the others! 
 Like children they are
all my favorites!

It never occurred to me until I started taking
pictures of the nutcrackers today
that the decorations in our house
sort of follow the scenes
from the Nutcracker Ballet

I'll show you what I mean in coming posts....

Now i'm off to work on the front porch...
I've bought 175 plastic christmas balls from Home Depot
The Martha Stewart Line....have you seen them...very cute!
We choose the white and red ones.

I plan to decorate around the front door with them...
let's hope this turns out how I want...
I think we still need more christmas balls...
he says no...
let's see who is right?!?!

Are you all decking the halls this weekend??

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