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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Give Thanks

for one
am giving
thanks that
 my husband
didn't divorce
me this

We woke up Sunday

and I

decided to remove
everything from
the living room

Completely rearrange the furniture

add a tv to the mantle

move in a couple of chairs to the bedroom

change all the bedding (again)


throw in a soccer practice

4 stores

and rehanging everything in the living room.

Yes it's a wonder he let me live
through the weekend....
bless that man!

Really wanted acorns to scatter on the tray...but Walmart
is slap out of them and I didn't make it to Pottery Barn
so scrabble pieces it is...

If it's not on the Disney channel its on the sports channel....
one day i'll get to watch HGTV 

What do you think of the mirrors hung like this...
the juror is still out.
But husband likes it...says it looks very Southern
(maybe he's been watching HGTV???)

Had the chairs stored in the garage...
finally get to use them.
They need recovering
but they are fine for now.

It's a good thing he loves me.
And he only had one not nice thing to say
all day....

he made mention to the fact that he was
surprised that we had any drywall left
because i'm always asking him to
move a picture/mirror/etc
and rehang it somewhere else.

have no idea what
he is talking about!


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bellatreasures said...

Well I LOVE the wall of mirrors and I havent figured out which wall in my house to add them too. I bet my holes dont get patched that quick though. Simply Beautiful!!

Bring Pretty Back said...

I LOVE the mirrors! what great hubby's we have! LLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEE your home!!!!!! I have lots of acorns in my backyard, I would be happy to mail you sme if you would like! If I ship them out asap, they will be there by Thanksgiving. Just let me know.
Have a pretty day!

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...


Love that wall of mirrors!


Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

The wall of mirrors is awesome!! The whole room is beautiful!
We are lucky to have husbands that put up with us.

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