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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Gathering ideas for Thanksgiving

Now that the
bats, cats
and rats
are packed away
it's time to focus
on Thanksgiving...

comes to our house
for Thanksgiving dinner
 (most years)
so i'm trying to get
organized early

I think i'm going to try some of these cute ideas...

Completely in love with this tablecloth and i'm
thinking I can make something very similar!

This is so pretty and so clean looking and I adore it....
but I think this year I may go with more
brown and oranges than lots of white
plus I think everyone is tired of seeing
my plain white dishes for every occasion


I've never been one for separate kids tables during holiday celebrations...
I think they should be included at the adults table...
BUT....this is super cute with the brown craft paper..
and i've also seen
where they write in a checklist next to the plate that reads....

Olivia ate her
Mashed Potatoes

you get the idea
and the kids check it off as they eat...how cute!
So maybe i'll extend the adult table to include a kids side with this idea


How cute are these guys!
Maybe the kids should make their own dessert this year


This would be really cool on the dessert table...
if only I could mange to find this chalkboard oilcloth
everyone keeps talking about!


I will totally be doing these for the centerpieces
Love Love Love the Indian corn wrapped
around the glass hurricanes!


While we don't do place cards at our Thanksgiving table
(it's more of a free for all...sit where you want)
I did see where someone gave gold tissue paper wrapped pears as
favors for everyone to take home...and I thought that was a
nice gesture.

Time to get your Turkeys in a row and get ready....


bellatreasures said...

Awesome ideas... Sounds like alot of fun! <3

licha20 said...

I want those turkeys in a row too! I l.o.v.e.
the tablecloth!!! Will you do a tutorial.....PLEASE....Thank you!
I think I will do the childrens table BUT with my adult children and their significant others!and even have them mark it also! FUN!!
BTW...just loving your blog!! Your ideas and photos/pictures say alot. Thank so much for your time on this.

Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

Loving that first picture of the tablecloth! If you make one please share. I wish I had room for a big farmtable. Ours stays small and round then we add a couple leaves to extend it if needed. I've never typed that out...it is leaves isn't it?? Ha!

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